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Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Find out about current Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts when you call Your Case Worth and have the details of your Roundup claim examined by one of our experts. If you’re exploring options for filing a claim against Monsanto for harm or damages due to exposure to Roundup, you’ll find our website a reliable source of information while you consider whether to file. It’s easy to add your case to one of the upcoming class-action suits that will be seen by a judge in a courtroom- simply fill out the convenient contact form on our site and submit your case information.

What is My Roundup Case Worth?

While we can offer an estimated amount, only a courtroom judge can determine the compensation Monsanto must pay you. Note that many victims of Roundup exposure are receiving upwards of $1 Million- in some cases, significantly more. Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts vary considerably from case to case- the most consistent results occur when victims band together with the assistance of a lawyer to create a class-action suit. At Your Case Worth, we can ensure your claim is heard by a judge and considered with other cases in a timely manner.

How Do I Find Out More About a Roundup Settlement?

Our goal at Your Case Worth is to keep you informed about products and corporations that pose a potential health threat- like Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto. For many years, Monsanto got away with their criminal actions by lobbying politicians and through corrupt activity. Their recent sell-off of the Monsanto brand, along with their scientific technology and patents was only a smokescreen- judges are currently ruling in favor of victims and forcing Monsanto to pay out significantly. Monsanto’s holdings are exhaustive, but they are not inexhaustible; therefore, you’ll want to file your claim before the money runs out.

Spend a few moments on our website at Your Case Worth to learn more about the services we provide and how we can assist you with your claim. Feel free to send us your case details through the contact form on our site- we’ll thoroughly assess the strength of your claim and provide additional information for you to consider. If you’re ready to move forward with your claim against Monsanto, you’ll find us a strong consumer advocate.

News and Resources

After sending us your case information, remain on our website, and explore our ‘News’ section where you’ll find articles and updates on class action lawsuits being decided across the country. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on the topic of Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts. We may be able to help you receive compensation for the death of a loved one who was exposed to Roundup since the federal justice department recently removed the statute of limitations on Monsanto claims.

Am I a Candidate For Compensation From Monsanto?

If you worked around Roundup or used the product in your home environment and were later diagnosed with cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Leukemia, or another medical condition that has been linked to Roundup, you could be awarded a cash settlement in a court of law.

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts
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